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From a teacher who participated in one of my teacher training workshops:

I had to share with you - my music appreciation students have been writing sound walks and going on each other's sound walks, and one wrote this: "I remember when I was in fifth grade trying to teach myself how to play the piano. In the book it explained half note, quarter notes and whole notes and of course the rests. To me the rhythm or pace of the cars passing is like those notes. The cars passing at 70 mph hour have a quick short swoosh. The cars in the slower lanes have a little bit longer swoosh and the sound flows a little better. Then you add the traffic from the access road at a slower 45 to 50 mph. These are great examples to me of Presto, Allegro, and Moderato. The different timings and lengths of the sounds are very similar to whole, half and quarter notes. The different timings and rhythm are a musical song that is complete when you finally add the various construction sounds and dogs barking. It's almost like a symphony." I thought that was SO COOL!