Tom Lopez
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They Hearken to Echoes David Abrams, The Post-Standard

The most artistically satisfying work on the program was Tom Lopez's They Hearken to Echoes, an incredibly effective, lightly staged work for two flutists that draws its inspiration from architect Louis Sullivan, whose objects appear to transform objects at a distance to a point of closeness.

Using great imagination and a keen sense for the dramatic, Lopez invokes a slow but relentless sequence of canonic, imitative and echo-driven effects that achieves the coming together of the two flutists from afar—musically and spatially. The performers begin at opposite ends of the hall and gradually approach each other, as the echoes eventually turn into a two-part invention until the flutes ultimately meld into a unison synchronization of pitch and timbre. Flutists Kelly Covert and Kristin Bacchiocchi achieved an impressive, symbiotic blend of tone and color.

Curvatures John Bilotta, The Society of Composers, Inc.

A rich and sensuous piece for amplified string quartet, Mr. Lopez' work in one movement is extremely well-written for strings taking advantage of a wide range of playing styles as well as a wide emotional range. The work begins with the quartet alone introducing well-crafted and distinctive musical ideas. The development of the ideas begins quickly and at this point some of the amplification and processing effects begin to become apparent. Within a minute, the sound of the quartet coming from the stage is enveloped in a sphere of reprocessed sounds, as if the air inside the theater itself were a resonant shell surrounding the live quartet. The quartet members played with tremendous skill and great delicacy. The performance styles demanded by the composer ranged broadly but all parts were built into a well-defined and architecturally sound whole. The combination of live strings and processed string sounds gave the work a visceral quality, allowing the audience to feel as well as hear the sensuousness of the sounds.

Dancing on the Atlantic Catherine Thomas, The Oregonian

Tom Lopez's rousing orchestral score delivers a resonant rush of adrenaline, and violist Caroline Buchalter will accompany the dancers onstage.

Currents and Streams Jeanne Claire van Ryzin, The Austin American Statesman

… all danced to an electronic score by Tom Lopez that veered from the symphonic to the world beat to Philip Glass-like charging minimalism.