Tom Lopez
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Tom's In 37' improvisation

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Tom's In is a quartet with JooWon Park, Dana Jessen, Lyn Goeringer, and Tom Lopez. We perform live electronics improvisation!

Oberlin Synthesizer Ensemble 60' improvisation

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OSE was a live concert and radio simulcast on WOBC-FM (May 11, 2014) featuring the Oberlin Synthesizer Ensemble: Charlie Abbott, Noah Chevan, Will DiMaggio, Sam Fisher, Charlie Glanders, Adam Hirsch, Tom Lopez, Margaret McCarthy, Matt Omahan, Jack Patterson, and Sam Wappler. OSE performed in Warner Main Space of the Oberlin College campus. Featured synthesizers were: Analogue Systems TH48, ARP 2600, Buchla 200 series, ElectroComp EML200, Korg MS10, MultiMoog, MemoryMoog, Paia 6710 Vocoder, Putney VCS3, Quintuple PortaMod (by Sergio Franco), Triple PortaFilt (by Sergio Franco), Talbertronics VCA (by John Talbert), Talbertronics VCF (by John Talbert).

America Will Shoot Itself 1' fixed media

America Will Shoot Itself was composed in Oberlin, Ohio (2007) for the 60x60 project. The casings are hot with sharp, jagged edges.

17,987,547,480 1' fixed media

17,987,547,480 was composed in Oberlin, Ohio (2005) for the 60x60 project. Light travels 17,987,547,480 meters in 60 seconds.

17,987,547,480 was released by Vox Novus in 2005.

Moth 1' fixed media

Moth was composed in Oberlin, Ohio (2003) for the 60x60 project. The Moth flies into the glowing lantern, repeatedly hitting the paper sides. The flame awaits, patiently illuminating the way. This piece served as a study for the larger work, The Death of the Moth.

Moth was released by Vox Novus in 2003.

Je ne suis pas mon pays 4' fixed media

Je ne suis pas was composed in Oberlin, Ohio (2004). The primary sound source for this work is the hammered dulcimer, a folk instrument in the United States with roots in many cultures (for example, the yang-qin in China and the cymbalom in Hungary). It is a difficult process determining what to accept and what to reject from one's own culture. I truly rejoice in my country's musical culture, I truly despise my country's political culture. The English translation of the title is, "I am not my country."

Je ne suis pas was released on vinyl by Hanson Records in 2016.

That's Quiet Alright 4'15" fixed media

That's Quiet Alright was created by Tom Lopez and Stephen Sloan in the late 1980's. The source material was 100% analog on reel-to-reel tape and included Moog, ARP, and Buchla synthesizers; vinyl records; didgeridoo; microphones; and various delay units.

That's Quiet Alright was released on vinyl by Hanson Records in 2016.

Matilda live electronics

Matilda was composed in Nice, France (1992). This piece is performance piece inspired by sections of Treatise by Cornelius Cardew (1967). It is performed with a keyboard, pitch bend wheel, and pedals. Many aspects of the original. graphic score have been translated to traditional musical parameters, i.e. pitch. These translations are fixed and can not be changed by the performer. However, many parameters have been left open to the performer's discretion, i.e. tempi and dynamics. It is the responsibility of the performer to use those parameters to further interpret the graphics. For example, in the opening of the piece, the relative size of a circle is translated to pitch (smallest circle - highest pitch, largest circle - lowest pitch) but the position in the stereo field is a performance choice. The fixed parameters and free parameters change from section to section.