Tom Lopez
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January 24, 2024 Triptych in Berlin

I will present a live performance of Triptych at the venue Arkaoda:Berlin. The show will feature 8 Oberlin students who have spent winter term workiing with me at the amazing Catalyst Studios in the old Funkhaus.

June 8, 2023 International Music Festival of the Adriatic

Very excited to announce my return to IMFA this summer in beautiful Duino, Italy. I will present Tempus Ouroboros: cinéma pour l'orchestre and Confetti Variations for piano and fixed media, featuring the incredibly talented pianist, Adam Zukiewicz.

February 17, 2023 In C+

The upcoming TIMARA Faculty concert in the Wurtzel Theater will include a new version of my work for percussion ensemble dedicated to Terry Riley. In C (in common time) was written in 2017 for Michael Rosen, then director of the Oberlin Percussion Group. This new version, In C+, adds eight channels of live electronics to the ensemble performance. Many thanks to Ross Karre (current director of OPG) and the performers: Brin Jaeger, Matthew Walton, Orson Abram, Tyler Smith, Will Dahle, and Zeyi Guo.

November 4, 2022 Professor

I am very proud that Oberlin Conservatory has promoted me to Professor this year. I will take this as a sign that I should update my bio. While at it, I posted a more recent photo from Italy this past summer.

September 29, 2022 Kinetic Visualities

I am very happy to collaborate again with choreographer Lionel Popkin. This installation work for sound and video will appear at the Center for the Arts on the campus of Wesleyan University. This should be the initial instance of a much larger-scale project slated for development in 2023-2024.

June 16, 2022 performances in Italy

Very excited to announce a couple showings of my work in Italy this summer. Tempus Ouroboros and Metropolitana will be presented at the International Music Festival of the Adriatic in Duino, Italy.

March 12, 2022 Love in the Time of Covid

I will perform Love in the Time of Covid on the TIMARA Faculty concert in the Wurtzel Theater. This piece features hammered dulcimer with live electronics. This particular performance will feature two lovely dancers: Holly Handman-Lopez and Solaina Lopez!

May 22, 2021 Tempus Ouroboros: cinéma pour l'orchestre

I would like to invite you to watch my latest creative project. It’s a new piece for the Oberlin Orchestra on video, and it will premiere tomorrow night (Saturday) at 7pm, on the final concert of the Oberlin Stage Left series this year.

After the concert, the piece will remain available online, so please check it out another time if Saturday night doesn’t work for you: Tempus Ouroboros.

If I had to summarize the piece, I’d say it’s “a day in the life of a conductor.” Due to the pandemic, the orchestra was forced to utilize fewer musicians on stage, no live audience, and multiple spaces for rehearsals. In one sense, the piece captures Raphael’s conducting experience this year.

January 30, 2021 Old Friend

I am super excited to perform on hammered dulcimer and laptop to open for Ami Dang at the Cat in the Cream. The hammered dulcimer was my preferred instrument for a number of years and samples from it have appeared in a lot of my work. It will be fun to revisit my old friend. And speaking of friends, Ami Dang is returning to Oberlin to perform ambient music with sitar, Ableton Push, and computer - this will be a fabulous event, I hope you'll check it out.

Here is a link to the live stream if you would like to listen online: Cat in the Cream.

Saturday, January 30, 8:00pm
Cat in the Cream
Oberlin, OH

December 5, 2019 The Death of the Moth

I feel blessed to have another exciting performance in Oberlin. Tiffany Chang (Conductor of the Arts and Sciences Orchestra) is presenting The Death of the Moth.

"The Death of the Moth" was written for chamber orchestra and electronics to accompany film by Rian Brown and Hege Røyert. "Men rush to their doom like moths flying to their death in the candle-flame" — Bhagavad Gita. The moth is drawn towards light, and like Icarus, will inevitably burn its wings and fall. "The Death of the Moth" is a meditation on our "falling from grace" and out-of-balance relationship with nature. The title is from a short story by Virginia Woolf.

Here is a link to the live stream if you would like to listen online: Arts & Sciences Orchestra.

Thursday, December 5, 7:30pm
Warner Concert Hall
Oberlin, OH

November 11, 2019 Kaleidosonic Music Festival

What do you get when you combine 500 musicians, 20 loudspeakers, 3 food trucks, and over 4 hours duration? An epic musical event on a scale that even I never dreamed would come to pass. This weekend, my latest project will come to fruition in a free concert at Finney Chapel. I have crafted a delicious musical collage, with overlapping textures and surprise appearances by performers throughout Finney Chapel, and maybe even outside. There will be singers, traditional instruments, and unusual electronic sounds all blending together into waves of sonic enchantment.

You are invited to come and go as you wish; you might want to listen from the balcony, or from the lobby, or while eating food outside under the tent. You are encouraged to devise your own experience of this evening by moving around and basking in unexpected musical magic.

The Kaleidosonic Music Festival is part of the 50th anniversary celebration of electronic music at Oberlin, check out the TIMARA website for more information about Kaleidosonic and other events in store this year.

The Kaleidosonic Music Festival is dedicated to my mother, Barbara Lopez (1939-2019), who enthusiastically supported all my wild dream-chasing endeavors. This is for you, Mom, I love you.

Saturday, November 16, 7:30pm
Finney Chapel
Oberlin, OH

March 10, 2019 Solo percussion + live electronics

I am thrilled to participate in the (T)echs Machina Festival this week. I am especially excited to present the Oberlin premiere of my recent solo creation, The Scream and Whine of Trump.

There will be a host of incredible performances at the festival, including appearances by Onyx Ashanti, Akiko Hatakeyama, George Lewis, Eli Stine, Alex Christie, Abby Arest, Aurie Hsu, and Peter Swendsen.

Thursday, March 14, 7:30pm
Oberlin, OH

November 16, 2018 Performance at the University of Houston, Texas

In 1937, Pablo Picasso created a series of prints to satirize the fascist dictator, Francisco Franco. The artwork consisted of postcards entitled, “The Dream and Lie of Franco.”

In 2017, I was inspired by Pablo Picasso to create my own resistance piece, The Dream and Lie of Trump, including a postcard that people could print and mail. In 2018, as life in the USA becomes more tense and shrill, I have composed another postcard and performance piece, The Scream and Whine of Trump, satirizing our very own fascist leader.

Friday, November 16, 7:30pm
Moores Opera House
Houston, TX

April 11, 2018 Performance at Dance Complex, Boston

I will travel to the east coast this week to perform with my collaborator friends in Inflatable Trio. Set within an unstable landscape, the dance is performed on and around an inflatable plastic living room furniture and looks at the ways we attempt to orient ourselves within ever-changing domestic, social and environmental terrains. As the elements of a family room are repeatedly deflated, dismantled and re-formed, three dancers persist, react and cope, examining how private interactions support and terrify us in relation to the outside world. Each performer in turn upends - and is upended by - the objects, people and situations that surround them in this domestic drama beyond the walls of the performance space.

Saturday, April 14, 8:00pm
Sunday, April 15, 7:00pm
Dance Complex
536 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

March 31, 2018 Lecture at Cleveland MOCA

Sound artist and composer Tom Lopez will discuss the installation of Éliane Radigue’s 1970 composition, OMNHT, which is presented in INDUCTION, a two-person exhibition that features new paintings, videos, and glass sculpture by New York based artist Tauba Auerbach (1981, San Francisco, CA) alongside an early sound installation by Paris-based composer Éliane Radigue (1932, Paris, France).

Saturday, March 31, 2:30pm
Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art
11400 Euclid Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44106

February 23, 2018 sfound Objects premiere

Many thanks to percussionist extraordinaire, Justin Gunter, for premiering two works this evening! sfOund Objects: 3 Vertices for 21 objects and solo percussionist was performed in Fairchaild Chapel. It's companion piece, sfOund Objects: 3 Vertices & 1 Circle for percussionist and live electronics was also performed by Justin. I will post the score and recordings as soon as they are available!

Performance by Justin Gunter
Electronic music by Tom Lopez

Friday, February 23, 8:00pm
Fairchild Chapel
Oberlin College

November 30, 2017 Still Happening premiere

Still Happening will premiere this weekend on the Oberlin College campus to celebrate the retirement of Nusha Martynuk. The dance is a meditation on the ongling crisis of refugees throughout the world, including those who search for refuge among us - those for whom it's still happening, for whom it's still not safe and it's still not home. Only an empathic society can reach the core and the heart of its desenfranchised. The sound design utilizes ten speakers around the audience to evoke lands near and far, familiar and foreign, welcoming and frightening.

Choreography by Nusha Martynuk
Danced by Tory Eichler, Lola Gatti, Evelyn Morrison, Kierra Nguyen, Micaela Pirzio-Biroli, Abigail Stamats, and Louise Wurzelbacher
Electronic music by Tom Lopez

Thursday - Saturday, November 30 - December 2, 8:00pm
Warner Main Space
Oberlin College
contact Central Ticket Service at (440) 775-8169 for ticket information

April 10, 2017 The Marketplace Morning Report

I will appear on David Brancaccio's Marketplace Morning Report tomorrow morning. Depending on your local Public Radio station, it probably broadcasts at 6:51AM, 8:51AM, or 10:51AM. I suppose the program may be edited depending on the needs of the local station, so I can't promise you'll hear me. Regardless, you can hear the podcast online.

The show is about robot-proof jobs. "The McKinsey Global Institute analyzed the work activities of more than 800 occupations in the U.S. to determine what percentage of a job could be automated using current technology. It turns out, a small fraction of jobs are either entirely automatable or entirely robot-proof." My work as a composer...robot-proof!!

March 1, 2017 That's Quiet Alright

That's Quiet Alright will appear tomorrow tonight with video! This new release on Hanson Records will be on the first concert of the Talbertronic Festival.

Thursday, March 2, 8:00pm
Free and open to all
Clonick Hall
Oberlin Conservatory

February 17, 2017 The Dream and Lie of Trump

The Dream and Lie of Trump premieres tonight! Resistance inspired by Pablo Picasso's "The Dream and Lie of Franco."

Performed by Tom Rosenkranz, piano
and Tom Lopez, laptop

Friday, February 17, 8:00pm
Free and open to all
Warner Concert Hall
Oberlin Conservatory

February 12, 2017 Informal Inflatable Showing

Inflatable Trio will premiere later this month in Los Angeles (stay tuned for more info) but tomorrow night, we will present an informal showing on the Oberlin College campus to celebrate the retirement of Carter McAdams. The dance is performed on and around an inflatable plastic living room set and looks at the ways we attempt to orient ourselves within ever-changing domestic, social and environmental terrains. The sound design will utilize eight speakers around the audience to create an immersive sonic experience.

Choreography by Lionel Popkin
Danced by Lionel Popkin, Carolyn Hall, and Samantha Mohr
Electronic music by Tom Lopez

Monday, February 13, 8:00pm
Free and open to all
Warner Main Space
Oberlin College